How to organize a zero waste lifestyle

When deciding to transition my lifestyle to a Zero Waste, I thought I could go from 0 to 100% waste free, only when I have enough of money to transition…which maybe partially works.

The potential of having enough of money in order to change is never an old thought of ours, yet i’ll admit- i still sometimes do think that myself… and it’s no secret. 

Soon enough I realised that my focus was more of ,”how could I buy this to live like that” rather “what could I change something that I already own”.

I was more focused on the Negative side of things & excuses rather risking it and see it for myself.

By these blog posts I just wanted to encourage you that IT IS possible to make a change from scratch.

But there’s a twist…

I live with my parents who still buy plastic packaging, which makes this even more of a tougher challenge for me to transition fully. But this only adds up as more of an exciting challenge for me! It can become tough at times, especially when you’re the only one doing something different in the house but I’ll find my way eventually, just like i did with becoming a vegetarian!

If not yet – soon enough and definitely make an update about it! 🙂

When I do make my purchases, I’m always looking out for a more sustainable packaging, wether it’s package free, glass, steel  or in a paper wrap so i could later have fun playing around, burning it 😉


*evil laugh*

However, If you do make a commitment like this, i want to be that friend of yours who helps you to succeed & answer some of your questions, especially if you’re someone like me, still living with parents or someone who doesn’t take action!

Heck, if you’re reading this out of curiosity  – My Dear friend, you’re already in the process of doing something new…

I’m excited for you

So here it is, the First Step to Zero Waste !


Home is where the change begins.

After the unsuccessful attempts on stop buying everything in plastic, the day came where as I opened up the doors to one of my kitchen cabinets, it made me take a deep, thoughtful breath … until I finally noticed why I feel like I’m the biggest hypocrite.

Most of the things were stored in plastic packaging (or covered in a plastic bag, for stuff not to spill out), which made me go nuts for a change immediately.

So I took out all of my empty jars that were piling up in a recycling box and started pouring everything that were in plastic packagings, into the recycled jars (I skipped the ones who were just in paper because I can burn it afterwards anyway.)

After all this progress , not only I noticed of  how much more organised it looks but it’s allot more easier for you to spot on what you’re running out of!

How to organize a zero waste lifestyle

….and adds some sense of style, unintentionally.

Best part is; when you’re deciding what to cook for dinner, you don’t have to stand there for hours, staring at your shelf. Especially when you do cook – to seal your packaging clip  wont be a problem to you no more.

Fun Fact: you’re doing yourself  a favour, nature AND those poor trash-collector guys, Hahaha!

Recycled Coconut Oil Jar
P.S. I always recycle my coconut oil jars

So How Do I Take Off The Labels?

The way I do it:

Usually, if it’s just a jar, I heat up some hot water (not too boiling), pour it into the jar and let it sit there for a couple of minutes.

Step #1 : Soak in Hot Water

After a minute or so, pour some hot water on the outside of the jar, so that the glue would soak in the label….It’s just a way how it’ll peal off more easy.

Peel Off The Label

Try to rip off a corner and see if it’s coming off, if not- just keep on pouring the hot water  bit by bit and let it soak in

As you do this, i's easier to rinse it under warm water

I was too impatient for these photos so I started ripping off the label way too early, haha. So if you’re someone like me, who’d be impatient to wait: don’t panic because if you let it under warm water while peeling the excess off, it can be done anyway.

Wash It off

Last but not least – with the help of a sponge & dish soap, you can scrub off the tiny glue pieces on the jar.



You’re Done!

Normally this takes about 3mins per jar, but if you’ve loads of jar labels to take off, i’d suggest you to soak them all into a hot, soapy bath for a couple of mins, to make your job easier.

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Oh and…

(hope it’s not too late to say this..)

NEVER put the jars, with labels still on, in your dishwasher! Not unless you want to block up your pipes…


So there you have it! Your first step to Zero Waste!

The reason why I believe this is an important first step, because everyday when I open up my cabinet, I get reminded, motivated & inspired to make a change in this world and live life more healthy.

It’s nice to see how all of your cluster is completely gone and always effortlessly neat when you mess around your kitchen. 

If you want to go really fancy, you can buy jars at any home decor stores, but if you do recycle the ones you’ve got already, you won’t have to cry over a jar when it brakes. It’d just mean that it’s time for some grocery shopping to get yourself a nice, new, jar of pickles for 0.99€ or less.

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Can’t wait for you to try this out and hear from you!

Good Luck!



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  1. You can remove labels with coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda, with a bit of elbow grease and warm water 🙂 It makes it easier to get rid of the sticky residue

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