How to stay inspired doing ZERO WASTE

  1. STEP ONE to ZERO WASTE  – Check!

The second one is as easy as the first goes….

Are you ready?


Get inspired & stay inspired!

This is just important as anything in life really. Inspiration is the drive that doesn’t let you give up on something, or serves you as a small reminder of why you started what you begun to do in the first place.

In this blog post I just wanted to share how I got my inspiration and ideas for a zero waste lifestyle and what keeps me motivated!

Something you should remember is that…

Transitioning from the ” typical modern lifestyle ” to a zero waste, means; you’ll be stepping out of your comfort-zone and will have to sacrifice some things you do like.

So yes, it is a commitment (and sometimes an annoying one) but all in one end it is always worth it to choose nature first.



Declutter Everything

(Yes, I mean EVERYTHING)

Trust me … it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have to go through piles of old notes & magazines that you once thought could be a use for your non-existent scrap booking.

Once you’ve gone through your closet of mess & disaster, I promise you’ll feel like the chapter of life has flipped your page to a new journey.

But by decluttering and throwing out everything that you haven’t used for the last 4 months is SO WORTH it. Not only do you get to understand yourself better but also make your next purchases to go smarter.



Media is a powerful tool. It’s like a huge ancient history book with a constant up to date entertainment and the humongous source of any information.

These days of our generation , we follow people who we see as our motivation/inspiration, information & education materials. So as I automatically followed some people for zero waste tips and having a sneak-peak into their lifestyle and what they do, to see if I could apply it to my life as well, which has taught me and motivated me allot. 

The reason why I recommend to follow some people who are doing Zero Waste, because:

  1. It’s free to get inspired
  2. You won’t feel alone making a change
  3. They’ve experienced in not all – but in some areas that can be helpful for you.

Also, I want to mention quickly…

Be careful of who you choose to believe & do have your own opinion about things.

Stop being cynical or stubborn.

Be open minded and try out everything until you’ve found what suits best for you.

…after all, that’s the only way you’ll ever learn anything.

So these are just some of my favourite so far…

Their Instagram Pages

Their blogs

which always gives you more details on their way of doing things differently:

Trash Is For Tossers
Wasteland Rebel
Zero Waste Home

YouTube Channels

So far i love to watch videos rather reading blog posts. so i’d highly recommend to do your own research on what channels suit you best.

Personally, I think TrashIsForTossers is doing a great job on her videos. I love it how it’s short and simple and nothing too complex but straight to the point as well some of Zero Waste Home videos. I’m still on the lookout to some good Zero Waste youtubers out there. 😉


In my opinion Pinterest is a great motivation and the best source of DIY’s.(Which you’ll be doing quite often, because it’s a part of Zero Waste lifestyle). It’s also an amazing source where i’ve found so much helpful tips & replacements of zero waste!

So I created my own boards. ^w^

One’s called ‘Skin Care‘ because there i like to pin on some interesting recipes i’d like to try someday and the other board is ‘Zero Waste‘ where i pin on the more materialistic replacements and whatnot.



“It is not good for a man to be alone” – Genesis 2:18

To have somebody you can connect to and share your experience with, is important and makes your journey even more fun & easy. Be it your mom, a friend, your cat or favourite stuffed toy – have someone to be there for you!

(This also applies to any life’s situations.)

FB Group: Journey to Zero-Waste: Make Mend Mix

Here are some that I’m following:

Fun Fact!

Zero Waste lifestyle is getting more and more popular around the globe, so you can even try to search up FB groups in your country/area!

Here are mine currently:

Disclaimer before anything happens;

As Zero Waste can be a sensible topic for others and there are so many different kinds of people in this world, there will always be someone who won’t like your way of doing things, so never take it personally!

If you ever get criticism from someone you always have the power and choice to choose wether it’ll build you up, or destroy you.

Over all: You’re the one who’s got authority over your body, spirit and what to feel like emotionally so stay wise when anything occurs, when it does.

I’m also not saying to ignore the ones who might say something to you that you might not like but you know i’s a good point. You do sometimes have to listen to those kinds of people because sometimes they’re the ones who say the harsh truth about things when your friends are too kind to tell you to face some facts that are true.

  • There are some family members & friends that I share my tips & tricks of Zero Waste. Sometimes they get weirded out by what I do because it seems like it’s a pointless thing, but I promise you… a day always comes where they get comfortable around the idea of doing something different (like you) and try it out themselves to see if it could work for them.

If you’re someone like me, who still lives with your parents, don’t let the fact discourage you that it’s pointless to what you’re doing. Just because you’re the only one doing something with zero waste but everyone else around you still buys plastic and seem like they’re careless about it.

Keep doing your thing and don’t give up on what you started and leave them alone because it’s their life and their choice. We don’t need another category who bashes at people with rage for being wrong at everything they do…. so please stop forcing your beliefs on others!

…Back to the topic….

However who has begun to do something with Zero Waste….


Write down a reason WHY you chose to do this in the first place.

Was it your choice?

Were you just interested in trying it out?



In any case: I’m glad you’re taking the interest into reading this blog post in general. When I first tried out Zero Waste, I first just liked the idea of helping the nature, oceans and ourselves but never really stopped and wrote down my reasons why i’m willing to transition.

As of my second try of doing this, I’ve written down for myself to remember, a reason why I decided to transition and live like that for good.

The reason why I chose to do this is because in my moments of :

“Ugh. why am i even bothered”

I always get reminded/read the letter to myself why I stared and what are my goals/visions out of this.

Vision is a powerful tool that most people miss out on seeing it as an important part of success.

So finishing up here, I just want to mention quickly that if there ever is a life-or-death situation with you having trouble finding replacements, don’t hold yourself back just because of it.

For example:

if you have to buy medicine, but it’s in a plastic packaging, or when you’re starving and the only option for you is to buy some food that’s in plastic packaging- I’d rather suggest for you to go for it because you and your body are much more important, and to damage yourself just because of refusing plastic over life is just plain nonsense.

I hope this blog post brought you some clarity for you to understand where to begin with and answered some of your questions along the way reading this!

Good Luck!



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