How to D.I.Y. your own utensil pouch + VIDEO included

D.I.Y. utensil pouch and VIDEO

Buying a utensil pouch is great and all, but why not save up some money and simply re-use your old shirt to make one yourself?

I personally am not a fan of sewing without a sewing machine but this required only about 20mins of your time to sew (by hand if you must) , and it was so easy and simple!

Besides… I think that’s a hardcore way of going Zero Waste as well, haha 😉

All that you will need for this small DIY are only 4 things:

1. A Long Sleeved T-Shirt you wish to recycle

2. Scissors

3. Needle + Thread!

4. Your fork\ knife\ chopsticks\ spoon to just measure the length you want for your pouch

Recycling or reusing an old t-shirt or a shirt you can’t let go of is a great way to recycle it into something that you would still be making use of and not just letting it clutter up your space without any use.

And that’s exactly what I did 🙂

I simply used my not-so-old, long sleeved shirt, that I just liked the pattern on but didn’t feel comfortable while wearing it.

So I decided to keep the fabric to use it up for something In the future and there came the idea- to make a utensil pouch, out of one sleeve!

Here’s a video how I did my pouch… I hope it helps!

The steps:

Step.1. Measure out on the fabric with your utensils how long you wish to have it and mark it down with either chalk or a marker. Remember to leave some space so you can fold the top for the string to close up the bag!

Step.2. Cut the length.

Step.3. Sew the bottom

Step.4. Fold the top and sew sides for the string to go through

I also cut out a long fabric string as to close up the pouch itself. You can either do this with the leftover fabric or maybe even go fancy and pull a ribbon through, recycle a shoelace or maybe skipping all of that and add a zipper at the top! (I would’ve if I had some but that’s for next time 😉

Step.5. Pull through your string/Ribbon..

As you can probably already tell by the photo: I used the help of my hair-pin to pull the string through my pouch. That way it was allot easier and quicker to deal with that part.

Aaaaand You’re Done!

I hope this DIY & video, will help you go another step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle and your Zero Waste journey!

Once you’ve made your own pouch, please tag me on Instagram to your Post or Story because I’d love to see it and congratulate you on your making!

My Instagram is @Jessica_Dragon

Good Luck!

– J.X.


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