A Super easy homemade recipe for Iced Peach Tea

To make a homemade peach iced tea is actually SO ridiculously easy, than you might think it is.

I used to love the AriZona iced tea’s and be obsessed with buying them, before I found out that Homemade Iced Teas are actually not only A TON more of a healthier but a cheaper one too.

So wether you’re saving up money or are on a tight budget, yet still wish to impress your friends and family this summer- then read on!

Every other recipe that i’ve ever read about how to make an iced peach tea has been either two things: too complicated or a homemade kool-aid of sugar.

So instead of going all fancy, i’m literally about to blow your mind that you only need… 3 INGREDIENTS.

the steps on how to make iced peach tea
the steps on how to make iced peach tea

Find a heat-resistant bowl or a pot where you can boil the tea in.

I personally use for about 2-3 tea bags that i’ve got from Lidl but how much tea you’ll need to use up is something you’ll have to judge out of your own personal preference. It also could depend on how strong the favours are in each bag or if you are using a loose- leaf tea (which is what i would strongly go for but as of our budget atm i wanted to experiment with these first)

Here’s a tip: The stronger the flavour the better.

As the tea is soaking in, it’s best to sweeten it now while hot. Remember that peach tea’s are usually sweet by itself so you might not even want to add on anything else, but i personally would recommend about 2 tbsp of honey, for the flavour that i’m going after.

After the tea has cooled down, now you can place it in your jug and let it sit in the fridge for a while until it’s fully cold orrrr….

throw in a bunch of ice cubes in your glass cup and Voilà!

You’re done!

Fun Fact: Every morning, my son & I would both sip on a hot cup of tea together. It’s kind of like our small little tradition formed together as a way to block out those few minutes to focus only on connecting with each other with absolutely no distractions – just him and I.

So for the most hottest days of summer, instead of having a hot cup, we both will have a nice ice-cold tea, enjoying the sun rays together until it lasts.

I wish you the best of luck in the making of this tea and encourage you to also make some beautiful memories alongside with it. Though it might be just a drink for you- it could maybe become as a nice little reminder or a tradition with your family too, because every moment is precious in life to enjoy x

P.S. I would love to see your successes after these recipes, so please tag me in your photos on Instagram/Pinterest or simply come back and comment here, letting me know how it went! I always love hearing from you and your recommendations x

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Good Luck

– J.X.


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