About Me

I’m a busy full time mom of 1 (soon to be 2!) boys, who’s passionate all things on Lifestyle, Life Coaching, Personal & Spiritual Growth and a Natural Sustainability/Zero Waste enthusiast.

That was a handful hahaha!

My hope is to help you gain confidence in yourself and create your dream lifestyle as a daily reality, wether it’s finding your own style, becoming more sustainably conscious, having your Instagram feed looking good or simply need some help and ideas for the world of Motherhood!

I’m your new cheerleader inspiring you through the prettiest and ugliest times of this crazy life.

Before you read any further, it will be allot….Trust me.

My Life has basically been a living soap opera… but who’s isn’t, really?

Spoiler: there’s a good ending to it. : )

I was born and raised in Latvia up till i turned 11, which later on, because of my dad’s job we had to move over to Norway. After about 3 years, me, my mom and my youngest brother went to The Big Island, Hawaii for a YWAM School (in Kona) and decided to move there…and we did. My dad quit his job, we sold our home in Latvia and moved. Unfortunately, 2 years after, because of documents and financial reasons, we just couldn’t stay there any longer and had to move out from the U.S. as soon as possible and tried to build a life in Canada instead, but 3 months after moved back to Latvia. I stayed in Latvia for about just another Year and a Half, until we all moved again to Ireland… and little did i know, what was awaiting for me there.

I became pregnant, with my now husband, at the age of 18 (that time ago, my husband literally just turned 20) which happened quite by a surprise. Though it was not planned – we were really happy to become parents and couldn’t wait to meet our baby and to create a family together; even if we were still living with our parents, not married or even engaged and yet barely earning any money at all to sustain a life of our own.

Unfortunately, the news weren’t really so great for either of our family sides or with the people who we were surrounded with, but it did not stop us from having our future together and to chose happiness, regardless of the situations and things that were happening around us.

Yes, we were quite young, ‘immature’ and “not ready to become a parent” but in all honesty – no one ever is ready for parenting, no matter how much you do prepare yourselves with or you don’t. Even those who feel like they are ready – it’s not always the best timing either or sometimes is already “too late”, or way harder for them than they were planning in the first place.

This, changed my life. (Obviously) And it was NOT easy.

Fast forward…
I had gone though:
  • from an unexpected pregnancy,
  • to a broken family and no friends
  • fighting a depression that i already had ongoing since the age of 16
  • got engaged and planned a wedding in just 5 months
  • homeless for 1 month, having to stay with a family of 6 that took me in while we found a home for ourselves
  • learning as much as i could all about parenting, cooking, managing to be a young mother, newborn life and e.t.c.
  • right after the baby’s birth going into a really dark and terrible postpartum depression
  • with my friends that i had, my parent’s and family scattered around the world,
  • facing poverty as a newly married couple
  • being suicidal and experiencing panic attacks at home along with the newborn baby
  • locked myself out from the society and experienced anxiety attacks every time i went out in public
  • having no sense of who i was and why i should be living.

I didn’t have anyone other than my mom over FaceTime to listen to me and be there for me as my husband was working 3 jobs to sustain us and be able to afford pay our rent, yet alone also be there for us as a family and barely had the time to enjoy our time together.

With all of this, there still was a small voice inside of me that kept saying there’s more to this life , which bubbled up every time as i was about to commit suicide.

I was looking for a friend. Someone to look up to, to trust, someone i could be myself with. I was listening and hearing stories from people and I wished to find someone i could relate to, either online or in person…

But never did.

So i tried to blend in, pretend and hone into another person and simply “fit in” just to be a part of them and be accepted by other people’s standards, but that only destroyed me and did more harm than good. Life became harder and harder every day because i was resisting my true identity; my true interests, dislikes and likes that i had, without being ashamed about it in the circle of people that i once tried to be a part with.

Until i hit my mark and started saying “YES” to myself and “NO” to the things i was not okay with. To start choosing ME first, because my life is my own and it starts with me.

So this is me and why i’m still here – because i am a living, alive & breathing testimony and a physical truth that whatever life throws at you, no matter how bar or worse it gets – YOU have authority over YOUR OWN LIFE, decisions, and future. No One Else.


You are not an object with which people can get to control you, present you, talk behind your back about you and let it determine you, and you having to agree on it or just accept it as your ‘normal life’, having to agree in all of that. YOU are the one who chooses your own life path, your destiny, your location, your friends & family, YOUR LIFE.

DO NOT EVER let anyone determine your life, who you will become, what will be your destiny, because your actions will speak louder than their words. Stop listening to their opinions and let it stop you from what you’re doing, who you’re becoming and where you’re heading.

I used to let it stop me. I let other opinions in and it only drew me deeper into depression because I was resisting my true self.

ALLOW yourself to OWN your own life and allow yourself to LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

Live it. Dream it. Do what you want to do with it because it is yours and yours only. It is your story, your mistakes and they are your lessons, no one else’s.

You are not an object that people can just throw around – you are a natural badass and it shouldn’t be hidden or tamed because that’s exactly why people are afraid of you- that you will become exactly what they were jealous of.

Now this isn’t to to say that you should be ignorant, selfish, disrespectful or to become a narcissist. It simply means:

Do not be afraid or ashamed of who you are. Stop hiding the uniqueness that is inside of you and start expressing it. Be proud of it, cause you were born for it.



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